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Bong Revilla ScandalJust in from the rumor mill, boys and girls. Bong Revilla’s moral high ground is currently shaken by reports of his nude photos with a once famous sex goddes, Asunta de Rossi. This made his senate probe on the Hayden Kho Katrina Halili scandal turn into one big Enchanted Kingdom.

Currently, only two sites are heralding Bong Revilla’s nude photos with Asunta de Rossi and it includes this scandalous blog but more blogs and websites are expected to follow. With media exposure, Bong Revilla nude photos would then be another keyword in Google sooner or later.

Bong Revilla still has it, as some may say. He still got the looks and body of a young man. Asunta de Rossi, on the other hand, is still hot even after several years of marriage with Jules Ledesma so I think people are digging this Bong Revilla nude pictures for Asunta de Rossi and not for Bong himself (except for those batting for the other team).

Bong Revilla nude pictures are circulating via email and no one dared posting it on a blog or website yet for fear perhaps of getting shut down once the good senator knows about it.

Bong Revilla nude pictures will not be posted here. If I will post it, then perhaps it would be blurred on the genital part cause as much as I want to share scandals, this blog is not the right avenue for it.

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