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CashCrate is among the best, if not the best, 'get paid to' (GPT) website around. However, it's not the only one, and many people like to join as many of these sites as possible - although you only make a small amount of money from each, taken together the income can really add up. So this page lists as many other websites like CashCrate that I can find (this is a small list to begin with - I'll be adding more as I find them).

Disclaimer: I'm a CashCrate member myself, and can wholeheartedly recommend it. However, while I've tried most of the sites below myself (and am happy with them), there are some that I haven't used, so by including them on this list, I'm not necessarily endorsing them! I want to make the list as comprehensive as possible to make it more useful, so I'm not limiting it only to sites I've tried myself, but please do your due diligence and check out these sites carefully before signing up.

Ok, onto the list of GPT, survey and cashback sites. I've included both UK- and US-based sites here (and indicated which are which – remember though that you still may be able to join even if you don't live in those countries). Sites are listed in alphabetical order.

Cashback and/or get paid to complete offers

These sites offer cashback when you shop via their links and/or pay you when you sign up for offers, memberships, free trials etc, much in the same way as CashCrate. Some of the sites are more oriented towards cashback, but most have offers that you can complete for cash without purchasing anything. Some offer paid surveys too, but they're not the main focus of the site.

Cashback Kings (UK)

CashCrate (US)

CashLagoon (US)

DealBarbiePays (US)

FreeFivers (UK)

eCashBack (UK)

RPoints (UK)

TopCashBack (UK)

Treasure Trooper (US)

Quidco (UK)

Paid Surveys

The sites below focus mostly on paid surveys [lots more will be added soon].

Global Test Market (US)

Lightspeed Panel (International)

OnePoll (UK)

YouGov (UK)

A word about making money with referrals

As you know, you can make money on CashCrate by doing offers and surveys, by referring others, and by getting cashback when you shop online. The sites listed here pay you do surveys or offers and/or give you cashback when you shop through them. Many also pay you to refer others, who sign up through your affiliate link. If you're interested in affiliate marketing in general (that is, in referring people to a whole variety of products and services on the web - not just 'get paid to' sites - and getting paid a commission when you make a sale), I recommend checking out any or all of the following three resources:

4 Day Money Making Blueprint (a series of training videos for complete beginners - absolutely fantastic value - if you only buy one affiliate marketing product, make it this one!)

Wealthy Affiliate (a great membership site with monthly fee, no previous knowledge needed), or

One Week Marketing (a very clear step by step plan for making sales without a website). I've purchased all of these resources myself, use them regularly and strongly recommend them for anyone wanting to learn affiliate marketing.

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