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The Angelica Panganiban scandal or shall we say, Angelica Panganiban scandals that haunts the sexy actress time and time again, once again, resurfaced as netizens, specially those who witness her recent twitter scandal, dig it up from it's grave.

The first  Angelica Panganiban scandal I can remember is that photo of her while she was prepped for a photo shoot for some liquor calendar. She looked really stunning on the finished product but the unedited version shows a lot of belly and facial fat.

The second Angelica Panganiban scandal is a photo sold by one of her friends to a tabloid where she is grabbing Derek Ramsey's, her boyfriend, underwear. It was dubbed as the Dukot scandal although others still refers to it as the Angelica Derek scandal.

The third Angelica Panganiban scandal is a topless photo of her. It was probably taken by someone close to her as it looked like she was about to change her clothes or her brassiere when it was taken. I don't believe rumors that it was taken by Derek cause the pic is really pixelated like it was taken by a cheap camera. Derek can afford a better model and if he took it, it would have been above 3MP.

Do you guys no any other Angelica Panganiban Scandal ?


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